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Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 16:06:48 CDT 2015

Hi Leah,

I've used the Circuit on most of 3 thru hikes and although 32 lbs is the
recommended top, it has handled more than that on a number of occasions.  I
try not to go that heavy because it just isn't fun for me, and the Circuit
isn't built for it.  Physically the pack can handle it much better than I
can.  An old style full frame pack, with a really hefty hip support, either
internal or external, is a much more comfortable pack when carrying
anything over 40lbs, but I just don't go there very often, if ever at this
point.  The vast majority of the time on a thru hike, you will be very
comfortable with the Circuit.

As for going lighter, any time you can lessen your weight, go for it, as
long as it isn't sacrificing your safety.  My base is around 14lbs too, but
anytime I can get away with lighter, as I did this summer on the Camino, I
go for it.  It's just sooooo much more pleasant when you're hiking hundreds
or thousands of miles.  Toward the end of the supply week I begin to jog
down trails because I feel so light.  I can't do that with the full food
and water at the beginning of the week on some of those stretches in the
deserts.  But always strive for lighter.  At least in my opinion.

If your hike is like many of ours, you probably won't have to carry
excessive water that many times or for that many miles  and for those few
instances the Circuit will hold up fine overloaded for a bit.  Mine has
over 8,000 miles on it and I still use it and it has had its fair share of
water overloads in its time.  There are a lot of lighter, light weight
packs out there, but the Circuit is known for being about as bullet proof
as light weight packs can be.  One of the people I hiked most of the CDT
with, Eric, had used his Circuit for the full PCT, AT, FT, AZT and CDT!
Somewhere near 10,000 miles in 2 years and it was still going strong on his
final legs of the CDT.

Good luck on your hike.  The Circuit is a good solid choice.


On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 1:20 PM, Martine, Leah Katherine <lkmartine at bsu.edu>

> I have the ula circuit which has a recommended weight of 32 lbs. My base
> weight is at 14lbs which is also what is recommended. I am worried about
> the weight of my pack with food and water since there are 20 mile stretches
> with no water and that adds a significant amount of weight to the pack.
> Should I try to get my base weight lower?
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