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Brick Robbins brick at brickrobbins.com
Tue Aug 18 21:04:31 CDT 2015

2015-08-18 8:54 GMT-07:00 Jerry Nicholson <jer166 at sbcglobal.net>:
> I am planning thru-hiking the PCT in 2017.  Just trying to get up to speed on logistics and training.   Semper Fi,

there are plenty of sites on that
Craig's PCT Planner is a good place to start,

And he has lots of tips

the PCTA site is good too

Someone will pipe up and try and sell you Yogi's book too.

get a 100lb rucksack and your M-16 and hike start hiking in utes and
boots just like you did in the Corps, right Reinhold?

But seriously, running is a good way to start, but it won't help
condition your feet. For that you will need lots of walking miles
carrying a pack.

Welcome to the list

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