[pct-l] International Planning

Gordon Metford gmetford at me.com
Wed Aug 19 04:49:38 CDT 2015

Hi there,

Howdy all from Sydney Australia! I'm planning on a north bound thru hike for 2016 starting early April. Any tips on available knowledge bases I could tap into regarding foreign planning. I'm planning to arrive in Southern California a week or two ahead of my start date to organise resupply boxes which I'll post ahead (first two months worth). I have a distant contact (in Florida) who could then post the remaining boxes (last three months worth) as I work my way up. If anyone can think of a better way to prepare, other than resupplying in towns along the way or by purchasing hiker boxes, I'd be open to any suggestions anyone might have. I'd like to have my planning completed before my hike begins.


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