[pct-l] Stehekin Fire Detour - get over it

tokencivilian at yahoo.com tokencivilian at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 20 20:12:43 CDT 2015

Ok, let's cut to the chase.  For all practical purposes the PCT north of the Suiattle River is closed due to fire.  Get over it.  Your thru hike is DONE at that point.  Hitch to Darrington, have a beer and catch the bus into town amd go home.  

Quit trying to come up with increasingly dangerous "alternate" routes around the fire closures, quit pestering PCT Mom about the closures...just face this physical reality:  That until there is significant and sustained rainfall the trail ends at the Suiattle in August 2015 and until further notice.

For those that persist in trying to get to Canada through these increasingly dangerous areas I ask:  are you an idiot or a fool?  Do you have an immolation fantasy?  Care to sample what happens if you gamble and lose?  Google image search for something like" Dresden victims" or "Tokyo Fire raid victims" and turn the safe search off.

Want to know what the non-idiots and non-fools are going to do?  Come back next July and hike in via the Suiattle and go to Canada.

That anyone persists in suggesting alternates when there is a body count due to these fires is beyond comprehension.
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