[pct-l] Getting off the PCT at Suiattle River thence to the outside

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A minor help - when you get to Seattle, the light rail runs under 4th
street.  So, if you get off at 5th, there are several tunnels that go down
to the Transit Tunnel that runs under 4th.  Some are in department stores,
some come out to the street, some are just steps down, some have elevators.
You can buy your tickets to the airport in the tunnel ( actually a layer
above the trains ).  

Seattle has a great mass transit system.  You can get anywhere in the area
relatively quickly and cheaply.

Not that it is important after 2600 miles, but that will save you five
blocks and keep you dry.


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I dug around some to investigate what it takes to get from the Suiattle
River Road (most likely the effective end of the PCT for 2015).  I called
the Snohomish County transit help line (425) 353-RIDE (7433), and used our
friend Google.

Hitch a ride or walk from Suiattle River trail head to Darrington.  This is
about 30 miles, infrequently travelled mid week.  There's a motel in
Darrington with 50 rooms: (360) 436-1776.  I don't know about (stealth)
camping opportunities.

Leave Darrington at 747am or 710pm to the Smokey Point transfer station;
this takes about 1 hour.  Here's Google maps Darrington to Everett

Take Bus 201 or 202 from Smokey Point to downtown Everett, which is a bus
hub and also a stop for the Amtrak or Sounder train.  This bus takes about
45 minutes.

Downtown Everett is much more likely to have motel/hotel accommodations that
will be much cheaper than Seattle; Seattle is at capacity, crawling with
tourists this time of year, especially on the weekends when the cruise ships
flip.  I have no recommendations for either Everett or Seattle.

There are about 5 Amtrak trains southbound to Seattle a day, probably fewer
northbound to Vancouver, BC. It is about an hour to Seattle, and maybe 2.5
hours to Vancouver. The Sounder train is a commuter only train, so only runs
weekday mornings, and only to Seattle.

You can then take Community Transit bus 512 from Everett to Downtown Seattle
at 5th and Jackson; this takes about an hour.

You can then walk 4 blocks south to the King Street Amtrak station, to catch
well-scheduled trains to Portland (3 hours), back to Vancouver BC, and all
other points on the system.  There is also a Bolt Bus stop East of the
Amtrak Station in the International District at 5th and King.

You can also walk about 5 blocks north west to the Pioneer Square Station
and then go via the light rail station to the SeaTac International airport;
trolleys run every 15 minutes and take about 30 minutes.

Your options will of course be different from Stevens
Pass/Skykomish/Baring/Dinsemore's on Route 2.  The options change hourly.

Robert "Collector" Henry  (my trail name is so apt I almost die laughing)
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