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Yesterday I got a call from a PCTer who had made it to the border and back to Hart's Pass. He is going to Ravensong's Roost to help host PCT, PNTers while the North Cascades Highway is closed. He got a ride from a trail angel around the Suiattle/High Bridge detour to Rainy Pass. He said the trail was clear to the border with no fire. Now highway 20 is closed east of Newhalem so hitching to Rainy Pass is not an option.

Hikers can hike up the west side of the Cascades on trail/roads and simply touch the border on the west side where it is safer. Two years ago PCTers hiked up highway 97 due to the heavy, early snow. They were all dressed up in fun attire and touched the border in full regalia.

Remember its not just you, the hiker, that is effected by the fires. Its the family concerned about you and community, as well.

Beware of the smoke, too...ash on the tent, raspy breath, swollen eyelids. It is general health as well as our own life that is at risk with fire.

One of the 3 firefighters who died in the fire 2 days ago NE of Stehekin between Twisp and Winthrop, was a through hiker of the PCT 2013, Andrew Z. It is with great sorrow , losing a member of our hiking community. He lost his life while trying to protect us and the North Cascades wilderness from the fire.

 Protect yourself, your family and community search and rescuers.
The beauty of the PCT becomes subdued with the natural fire cycles of the wilderness and sometimes we need to follow a different path and who knows how the new journey will unfold.

Be safe. Listen to your gut instincts. That is one of the key elements which has made a difference for me in the wilderness over all the years.

Happy Trails,

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