[pct-l] Rainy Pass confusion....open or closed

Andrea Dinsmore andrea at dinsmoreshikerhaven.com
Fri Aug 21 16:20:42 CDT 2015

​Chris Caviezel <https://www.facebook.com/caviezel?fref=ufi> , Andrea
Dinsmore, PCT MOM, you should be commended for your continued diligence for
attempting to provide the most current and up to date. While time will tell
what may be the best course on action for a particular individual to take,
I would like to offer the following comments. 1. The US Forest Service,
initially was going to throw a ton of resources in an effort to get the
trail open north of the Suiattle. At that exact time, the trail north by
Rainy Pass and Hart's Pass was closed AND additional fires started to flare
up all around. Resources have been tapped with the US Army called to help
and Firefighters coming from New Zealand and Australia. For the first time
ever, Washington DNR is actually allowing volunteers, under specific
guidelines, to take part in this massive problem that has occurred. For the
sake of argument, let's say that the PCT is "open" for someone to complete
a through hike, be warned that you will be hiking through a lot of burnt
out area. Camping at night will likely be in ash and not fun. I don't think
that it will be possible simply to hike through the entire burned out area
and camp outside of the burned out area. Let's say you decide to try and
wait it outa week, two, three or whatever. Before you know, precipitation
will be upon us in massive amounts. By October 1st, for sure, and perhaps
even sooner, I would not be surprised if some areas of the trail
experienced an over night dump of 2-3 feet of snow. Its happened before.
July 4th, 1972, there was 12 inches of fresh snow at Snoqualmie Pass (which
did melt out within the next day I understand). In any event, many people
as I understand it are taking the smart decision and ending their hike at
Stevens or wherever. I hope you are able to make it back next year or
whenever to "finish" the hike. I write this as a felloow hiker, volunteer
firefighter and Snoqualmie Pass Resident who occasionally has done some
trail angeling. Regardless of what you decide on your trip. Be Safe!

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