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Sun Aug 23 09:22:13 CDT 2015

Hello Robert those are my favorite shoes too but I had to leave the Trail early due to my husband being hospitalized so my pair is still good. Husband is doing well  now so I am still hoping to try a thru hike again next year. Hope to see you. Youbare atrue trail angel.
Wendy  Ritchey

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</div>I am usually not a commercial person, but after looking for 3 years, I finally found a discount on Merrell mens Moab Ventilators.  It seems like they never go on sale.  Right now at Amazon Prime, you can get $10 off for a Prime discount, and another $20 off for the sale going on.  Usually $90 and never discounted, now they are $100 with $30 off plus tax.  Amazon is the only place online I know of with the wide width shoes available, plus free returns if they don’t suit you.  My REI 20% discount has been consumed each of the past 2 years buying my spare pairs.  I took my 3 year old shoes out of service last week, so I was down to one spare pair.  Now I have 2.  Good luck to the Class of 2015, many of whom are out there fighting some difficult and dangerous conditions.  BR
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