[pct-l] 2016 Dinsmores Mailing Instructions

Bob Bankhead wandering_bob at comcast.net
Tue Aug 25 11:44:54 CDT 2015

Dear Andrea:

Good for you! It has become apparent over the past few years that more trail angels need to be laying down the law. You might want to consider adding that you're not going to provide transportation to any of those remote PO locations either. Most hikers already know and accept it, but for the clueless or self-entitled few, it is all about taking responsibility for yourself on the trail. 

If folks want the full service convenience of hiking hut to hut (so to speak), perhaps they should go hike the Camino and other European trails that operate that way. Although if one cannot follow the simplest of directions regarding the shipping of one's essential resupply box, I question whether it is safe for them to be on the trail in the first place. SAR has enough to do as it is.

Wandering Bob

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