[pct-l] Section F Water

Alli fitzalli at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 13:19:48 CDT 2015

Hey Dave! I just hiked section G, and though I don't have any info on
section F, I  can tell you that the water was tough in G. Since you're
doing both sections I hope this info will be helpful:

-Joshua tree spring was bone dry
-Spanish needle creek was dry except at the third crossing, at which there
was ten feet of seep and would not count on it in a month
- Chimney creek had a hidden stagnant pool, and possibly could reveal
others if you hunted up and down. The campground water was on as of  8/16
(despite a note starting the water had been turned off for drought on 8/15)
- Fox mill spring had an agonizingly slow trickle, don't know if it will
- Manter creek was dry, but about .3 miles away from the crossing I found a
slow seep under an obvious cottonwood tree. I wouldn't count on it but I
think in desperation you could locate some water along its length, if
you're willing to leave the trail
- South fork of the Kern at 697.9 totally dry
- Kennedy meadows campground spigot is on
- South fork of the Kern at 606.7 totally dry
- Crag creek is dry
- did not inspect but heard trough at Beck meadow was dry (although the
cabin owners there are purportedly friendly and generous)
- low flow at south fork Kern river (steel bridge crossing)
- Cow creek was mostly dry but I did find a few seeps along its length, and
it's easy to access since you hike alongside it for three or so miles
- spring off trail at Death Canyon creek had a small trickle

After this point, all the listed water sources worked for me, but I would
be cautious because they were all pretty low until Rock Creek. North of
there, with the exception of Guyot creek (which was dry but for a single
stagnant pool), the water became plentiful.

Happy trails!

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