[pct-l] Gear for Sale

b j xthrow at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 29 17:44:46 CDT 2015

Hi All,

I’ve cleaned out my gear pile and am selling some stuff I’m not using (see list below).

Of note, this year, the CDT shuttle ticket included Point 6 socks and a Vapur water bottle with the CDT crest on them (see below for details).  I didn't need them so sent them home.  They are unused!  I'm sure there's a trail fan or two out there that would love to sport the CDT crest on their gear!  I'm selling the socks and vapur bottle with proceeds going to organizations that support the CDT (e.g. Ley, CDTC).  

Shipping would be extra and paypal would be the preferred method of payment.  Contact me for pictures.

Thanks for considering!


Here are the details:

Point 6 Merino/Nylon Socks  $15

New, never used!  Two layer construction, durable outer nylon layer protects the inner soft high-quality merino wool and wicks moisture.  Comfortable, breathable, durable, and easy to clean.  Size Medium (6 to 8.5 men's) with the CDT crest on both sides of each ankle.  Point 6 sells them for $22 plus tax/shipping.

Vapur Water Bottle, 1L/32 fl oz  $14

Brand new, never used, still with package.  Flip top easy to open, secure closed, fold up empty to save space.  Carabiner as clip to attach.  Free-standing while filling.  Dishwasher and freezer-safe, BPA-free.  CDT crest on body. REI sells them without CDT crest for $14 plus tax/shipping.  Good reviews on the trail (people carried them and didn't toss them into the hiker boxes).

Other Gear

-Sole Ultra Insoles, Mens 6, Womens 8 $20
-New Balance 470s, NEW, Womens 10 $25
-Reebok Shorts, Men’s Small $10
-Nike Shorts, Women’s Medium $10
-RYU The Day Beanie $15
-Hiking Food: can of Powdered Eggs $20
-Hiking Food: can of Powdered Butter $20

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