[pct-l] Snow Drifts: tonight's discussion on Facebook

Ned Tibbits ned at mountaineducation.org
Tue Dec 1 16:13:16 CST 2015

Tonight’s PCT Class of 2016 trail discussion on Facebook is about snow drifts, how to safely approach, ascend, and descend them while maintaining your balance and still having fun!

The link below will take you to one of Mountain Education’s instructional videos shot a couple of years ago on the PCT just north of Harts Pass.


Feel free to join the discussion on Facebook

or just ask relevant questions, here. I will not, however, be able to answer them on the pct-l until I get back into the office tomorrow.

I hope this helps aspiring PCT thru hikers realize what is out there to deal with!

Ned Tibbits, Director
Mountain Education, Inc.
ned at mountaineducation.org 

"To minimize wilderness accidents, injury, and illness in order to maximize wilderness enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, all through experiential education and risk awareness training."

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