[pct-l] laser treatments for plantar fasciitis?

Dan C. aka Thumper dofdear at cox.net
Mon Dec 21 12:14:08 CST 2015

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   1. 58 to Walker Pass (marmot marmot)
   2. laser treatments for plantar fasciitis? (Janet Grossman)


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Thank you to everyone who offered help and suggestions. I have a place to leave my van. If you see me hitching south on 395 in a few days thank you in advance for the ride

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Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 10:49:30 -0700

Are you sure its laser and not ultrasound treatment?  I've never heard of laser treatment for PF until I just did a Google search.  Here is one article I found; http://www.podiatrytoday.com/innovative-laser-may-offer-effective-treatment-plantar-fasciitis

I've had ultrasound treatment with some success both by a Physical Therapist and a purchased home unit.  The home unit was about $100 plus the cost of the gel.  This allowed me to treat daily vs weekly PT sessions.  It works on a similar principle to stimulate the tissue.  Personally I'd try the ultrasound before a laser treatment, assuming you haven't already.  

But, I'm not a doc so check with yours.


From: Janet Grossman <janetgr at cableone.net>
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Subject: [pct-l] laser treatments for plantar fasciitis?
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Has anybody on the list had laser treatments for plantar fasciitis? If 
so, did it help? I'm battling PF and nothing seems to help so far, 
though I've read the thread on this list about it, and the podiatrist 
wants me to try laser.


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