[pct-l] laser treatments for plantar fasciitis?

Leslie Dow leslie at lesliedow.com
Tue Dec 22 06:22:15 CST 2015

I ended up with a very severe case from overtraining. Mostly hiking too
far, too fast. Eventually I had tears in the PF.  My Podiatrist said the
fastest way to get me back hiking was to put me in a plaster cast for 4
weeks, then a walking cast for another 6 weeks, along with PT and
absolutely no weight bearing exercise not PT approved for 6 months.  It
worked.  I was back on the trail in 6 months. I am very careful now. Always
stretch and listen to my feet, when I feel that twinge I double up the
stretches and lay off hiking for a few days.  Swimming helped a lot.


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On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 9:49 AM, Janet Grossman <janetgr at cableone.net>

> Has anybody on the list had laser treatments for plantar fasciitis? If so,
> did it help? I'm battling PF and nothing seems to help so far, though I've
> read the thread on this list about it, and the podiatrist wants me to try
> laser.
> Rock-Kicker
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