[pct-l] laser treatments for plantar fasciitis?

Gail vanvelzer at charter.net
Tue Dec 22 16:37:01 CST 2015

I have to agree with what Herb says.  I went to a chinese foot massage place and they really worked on all my muscles in my legs, so maybe that's what helped me to heal quickly, without all the drugs and surgery, PT and other treatments.  


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On 12/22/2015 1:03:11 PM, Herb Stroh <hstroh at sjmslaw.com> wrote:
I went to a physical therapist for PF. Each session they hooked up my feet to something they called the "lasers". I asked what it does, and supposedly it speeds recovery-no idea if it made any difference for me or not.

The physical therapist gave me a number of stretches and exercises . Per the PT, tight calves pull on the PT and cause strain, as does tight hamstrings, hips, etc.-basically everything going up. Look online for various stretches for your calves, legs, hips, and do them regularly. There are also a number of exercises that improve muscles in the foot and increase range of motion. That seems to have helped me. I also started doing yoga. I have been good at maintaining cardio as I get older, but did not do much work on flexibility. Big mistake. Flexibility makes long days on the trail easier on the body. In addition it provides for greater agility, increasing safety during off-trail scrambles.

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