[pct-l] FLASH- Live from Lake Morena County Park/campground

Gail vanvelzer at charter.net
Thu Dec 24 09:50:05 CST 2015

Excellent job!  I'm sure you will have a book of stories.  Would love to hear them.

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On 12/23/2015 10:00:22 PM, Paint YW <paintyourwagonhikes at gmail.com> wrote:
Spent the past 14 days bivouac-ed in Campo. There's quite a backstory.
Heading home tomorrow. Meeting up with a ride at the Oak Shores Malt Shop
on Christmas Eve.

Got to the campground showers and discovered newly installed coin boxes.
Naturally, I had no quarters. Reassembled my bike and trailer and
high-tailed it to the Malt Shop before it closed at 8:30pm.

Here's the beef!

.50 cents 4 mins.
.75 cents 6 mins.
$1.00 8 mins.
$1.25 10 mins.

UP TO 15 QUARTERS (30 mins.)


PS: Left the Southern Terminus Mar. 3rd.
Flipped to the Northern Terminus Jul. 10th.
Called it mid Nov. at McKenzie Pass in Oregon. Blizzard like conditions. I
think I suffered PTSD after that experience. Lot's to write home about.
Will follow up soon.
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