[pct-l] new years weekend 3 day hike

Kylie Nuckols kylie26vb at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 21:04:33 CST 2015

Hi, first time poster and PCT hiker here, wish me luck!

I am preparing to hike a section of the PCT, hwy 79-74 on New Years
Weekend, planning to spend 3 nights, pace should be 10-15 miles daily.  I
am looking for hiking partners, help with drop off or pick up if
available.  I am really just out here to learn, have hiked for many years
but just restarting my overnight trips, I have all my own equipment (old
stuff but it works) and it should be a fun learning experience, I'd love
any expertise or company you'd like to share! Thanks and Blessings!

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