[pct-l] Winter hiking

Mel Tungate mel at tungate.com
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Which January?

I am not trying to be facetious, but it depends upon the winter.  This last year, in March, hikers were bothered 40 miles north of the terminus when it snowed.  Two months earlier, you could have hiked it in shorts and a t-shirt.

But, it would not be expected to snow a lot, nor stay a long time, in the first hundred miles.  And, you have a ton of bail out points.  

And, if you can't handle a few inches of snow in the first hundred miles, Fuller Ridge / Mt. San Jacinto, Mt. Baden Powell, and everything north of Walker Pass or Kennedy Meadows will be far too much.


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Is it feasable to hike hike the first 100 miles of the southern terminus in january 

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