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Dan Welch welchenergy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 18:58:08 CST 2015

When I got to town, it was usually for at least a few hours - often
overnight.  So I can't remember a single time when I left town with
batteries "uncharged".  Perhaps that was because I had the second spare
battery - Generally I could go to the next town without even recharging,
though I rarely did...


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It usually takes me 2-3 hrs  to charge my cell phone so that would be 4-6
hrs at town stops just to charge batteries.    Wasn't that an inconvenience?


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I used Shroomer's exact strategy for the PCT last year.  I carried 2 extra
batteries for my Android phone, but never used up more than one spare, even
in the Sierras during 7 day stints.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and left it
in Airplane Mode except for once or twice a day in locations where I felt I
might get cell reception.  (You get pretty good at predicting those after a
while.)  The GPS on my Samsung phone worked even in Airplane mode, so I was
able to use the Halfmile or Guthook app on demand.  (On iPhones, you must
take it out of Airplane mode to use the GPS.)  I looked at Halfmile maps on
screen; I listened to a lot of tunes during the day;  I blogged at night.  I
had had no problems with battery life and recharged in town stops.  I found
this an easier and lighter weight strategy than carrying a solar charger.
It worked well for me, but everyone has different needs...


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