[pct-l] And now a word from our sponsor- PCTA 2015 long

Paint Your Wagon n801yz at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 15:04:39 CST 2015

That would make more sense however when I ordered a permit (did you/just asking?) 
a >>>RED<<< box below the calendar stated something on the order of 2 of 50 remaining in March, 
and 1 of 50 remaining in November. 
Perhaps I am dyslexic and missed the facts. 
Someone else can chime in that orders a permit. 

Yes- I saw the numbers in green within the calendar image. EX: 4/50 for March 1st.

Perhaps the glitch is in the tabulation counter for the entire month which would be 50 x the # of days in the month = total slots (Mar. = 31 x 50 = 1,550) 
but instead, is set up for a single day instead of a month???

No biggie-


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