[pct-l] Tyvek material Grommits

JCIL000-hiker@yahoo.com jcil000-hiker at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 08:40:01 CST 2015

Yes, I agree!  "Sizzler's Crossing" ... I actually was SoBo and found a full waterbottle that someone had lost there. Bummer for him. I looked around & he was nowhere around.
I liked the suggestion to use fabric grommits vs metal ones. A few less grams of weight.
Not sure how the stencils of 'town' & 'trail' work, though. If the ground was crappy and youhad to situate your tent opposite the actual directions ... ??  Using it as a sun screen was smart.I keep mine rolled up inside my tent, though, so its all one assembly as I un-roll it.
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