[pct-l] Strider (Greg Hummel) has passed on

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Mon Jan 5 09:57:33 CST 2015

I was not in the loop on Strider's illness until just about two weeks back when Istumbled across a photo of him in what appeared to be a wheelchair. So I emailedhim and asked what was going on. 
I'm happy to say that he emailed me back and briefly explained his medicaldiagnosis and that he had "no regrets, no tears, no fears." I'm grateful for hisfinal words to me despite being sick. His words impressed me.
It was a huge surprise to me as the last time I had seen him at the KO two years back he was so healthy. He ground his boot onto my boot with a laughas he walked past me while we were having our burger on burger day.
Our time is temporary on this earth. Its a known to all of us but always a shock whenwe face it like this. I know another man who was just surprisingly diagnosed with leukemiaat age 54 and is now in his final days after just a few months. He didn't even know hehad the disease until a routine medical lab test exposed it.
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