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Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 14:53:40 CST 2015

Used the Sawyer on both the CDT and AT after struggling with steri pens on
the PCT that broke down or simply used batteries faster than I could keep
them coming in my resupply.  The only drawback of the Sawyer is the
weakness of their bags.  Used as a squeeze filter, I went through 5 of them
on the CDT.  They simply broke.  I was obviously too rough on them.  The
threads are not exactly the same as a Platypus bag, which is much tougher,
although some folks can finesse the two so as not to leak by using a hose
washer in the Sawyer, I could never get them leak free.

Then I hiked with Yoshihiro Murakami in the Winds and Glacier in 2013 and
he had rigged his Sawyer as a gravity feed.  It's simply done by cutting
the hose of a Platypus hydration system bag (
) leaving about 4 inches of tube coming out of the bag.  Connect the Sawyer
mini filter onto the stub of tubing and then connect the longer section of
tubing onto the outflow of the Sawyer, cut off the mouth bit and voila! a
gravity feed that is cheaper and lighter than the one that Platypus sells
and easier to use than the Sawyer squeeze.  A hybrid that works.  Also,
because it is also softer on the filter than I when I used to squeeze down
on the bag by hand, that any particulates in the water aren't forced too
deeply into the filter and are easier to back flush out of the system
during cleaning.  I used this system on the AT this past summer and love
it.  Simply fill and hang the bag and step back.  The rest of the work is
done by gravity.


On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Dan C. aka Thumper <dofdear at cox.net> wrote:

> Tim,
> As an alternative to UV consider the Sawyer Mini filter.  Costs and weighs
> less.  No wait time. No batteries.  Probably more reliable.  Easily
> adaptable to many hydration configurations and strategies.  Check out:
> http://sawyer.com/products/sawyer-mini-filter/
> and the alternative Sawyer Squeeze:
> http://sawyer.com/products/sawyer-squeeze-filter-system-sp131/
> Thumper aka dofdear
> Tim Umstead wrote:
> Has anyone had experience with the Camlbak All Clear?  I have had multiple
> SteriPen and all of them have failed, before I left the house.  I'm looking
> for something else.
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