[pct-l] California Section F Water

Matt Parker zerosignal74 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 13:06:49 CST 2015

Hello All,


I have uploaded a new presentation for California Section F that you can
download directly from my website at
http://www.doubletaphikes.com/classes.html. Click on the blue button with
PCT-CASF in it and the download will start automatically. CA-Section F will
prove to be a little more challenging in 2015 due to the damage to Golden
Oaks Spring at mile 583. It's already a pretty dry section to begin with but
with the Golden Oaks Spring becoming questionable it makes it even drier.
There are water caches in Section F but you can't rely on them. I have seen
a huge water cache get depleted in just a few days. I have highlighted the
reliable water sources in the presentation but any feedback you have is also
appreciated. I will be looking for feedback on Golden Oaks Spring from 2015
hikers to see just what the status of that spring is but in 2014 it was
barely running and the info I have received says it is NOT going to be a
reliable water source in 2015 due to cattle damage to the plumbing around
the spring. Worst case scenario you start with a 35 mile waterless stretch
(if Golden Oaks Spring is unusable) and then there is also potential for a
42 mile waterless stretch if the Kelso Valley Road cache is empty (which it
was for me in 2012 and 2014). There are alternate water sources off trail
which I talk about in the presentation. Any feedback or questions, please
let me know. All presentations and classes are FREE.


Take Care,


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