[pct-l] Lifestraw

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 12:19:48 CST 2015

Were these things on sale or something?
My sister sent me a Lifestraw for Christmas too.
Despite the fact i have a: MSR sweetwater, Aqua Mira, two bottles of Polar
Pure, and a Frontier pro someplace.. and i still don't treat my water!
Hey, it is the thought that counts.
Can't comment on the Lifestraw since i only took it out of the package to
look at it.
Pretty blue colored plastic.
Very light dry.
Comes with a lanyard to hang around your neck next to your pistol/ rape
whistle/ compass. ( humor)
I'll put it in the big ammo can along with a jar of peanut butter in case
the world cracks in half or something.
I had Giardiasis twice. (Once diagnosed, second time i believed it to be
but could have been poop on a cracker.)
Prefer to carry Metronidazole instead of filtering.
I am too indolent and slothful to bother with that.
Calvet supply sells Metro for 29 bucks.
It is the dog version but the only difference is paperwork.
Of course No Body should ever take any medicine without a doctors
And nobody should ever take any antibiotic not intended for human
consumption.. even though i did both.

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