[pct-l] Merrell Moab ventilator

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Sun Jan 18 10:31:35 CST 2015

Not on a prolonged thru, but I've worn the Moab Mid Ventilators on many long High Sierra and other mixed trail cross country hikes.  The plus of these was I was able to hike right out of the box.  They seem to hold up quite well (read haven't fallen apart).  However, I'll repeat what others have commented...  They are pretty bendy soft shoes that are miss-named.  They do not actually ventilate very well if at all.  They have too much padding and such, which makes them comfy, but slow drying.  The big padded opening around the ankles catch a lot of debris, and the material covering the padding collects all sorts of foxtails and such on brushy trails sections.  The soles are not the good Vibram rubber compound and wears fast.  I never had a problem with rock bruising, but long sections of rocky trail can become rather annoying and hurt my feet in other ways.  That said, I've been able to do some great hiking with them mainly 'cause they fit my problem feet.  Wher I looking for a long distance shoe, I'd go for something lighter that actually vents and dries faster.  The ideal shoes for me, especially when warm out, are ones that I can actually feel air flowing over my toes as I walk, which means they will drain and dry faster crossing creeks etc.  The Moabs have been a much better shoe in cooler temps.     

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