[pct-l] Restrictions on alcohol stoves

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Sun Jan 18 11:47:42 CST 2015

Don't know about the passion level of religion and politics, but looks like may reach the level of past bear canister discussions.  I know for me personally, I find alcohol stoves to be a bit sketchy.  I've made a few now just tinkering around, but have not felt real secure in the idea of tipping can spill burning liquid fuel that is hard to see.  The first ones I made were the penny, and then I made one that used a nickel that seemed to work better.  If the penny or whatever pops, burning fuel gets splattered around and becomes an instant fire.  Not cool.  I was in a reasonably safe place but it was still quite a shocker, and I was surprised how far the burning alcohol sprayed when it happened to me after many good test burns.  
I found some of the others to be considerably safer, but still the possibility of tipping exists no matter how careful one is.  At least one can stand a canister and such back up and or turn off without getting burnt.  
Just thinkin out loud...  

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