[pct-l] Restrictions on alcohol stoves

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Sun Jan 18 14:02:05 CST 2015

Yeah, that's when a tarp, or an awning comes into its own.  Never thought I'd like hiking with just a tarp and a bug net, but it far surpassed soggy ass wet tents that are designed for fair weather.  Friend of mine been section hiking the PCT and using a jetboil.  Seems very efficient compared to an open canister burner.  I use a Snow Peak sometimes and it requires substantial wind screening, and very tippy.  I much prefer my MSR white gas that I use for years, but white gas or unleaded aren't readily available.  I got some in Vermillion once.  On the other hand, the MSR gets way hot underneath it and also poses fire issues even if one uses the deflector.  When you prime the MSR, gas fumes and splatter accumulate around the bottom of the stove, and there can be a pretty good flash when you light it.  It could feasibly start a fire if not on a cleared dirt area.    

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