[pct-l] FUEL

Tim Umstead tumstead96 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 12:12:17 CST 2015

I have used an alcohol stove for about 13 years.  I have only once had a
problem with it getting hot enough to light a small tuft of grass on fire.
Since I was in a sandy area with sparse plant growth it was easy to put
out.  Be sure to clear a good space around your alcohol stove.  I put salt
in the fuel.  When the salt burns it adds color to the flame allowing you
to see it.

For this years thru-hike we will be carrying a Soto Wind Master canister
stove.  Given I get 15 meals from a canister and 8 meals from 11floz of
alcohol, I would have to carry twice the denatured alcohol over the length
of the hike.  This adds up.

On a side note, Amazon will mail canisters to your food drops.  They will
take care of proper packaging and markings.

The Ravens
PCT '96

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