[pct-l] FUEL

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Tue Jan 20 21:16:27 CST 2015

The denatured you describe so well, that's the kind of stuff you don't want.  The problem is, a lot of hardware, paint stores etc, are selling stuff that is supposedly the same product, but isn't even close.  The denatured we get is still the original real stuff for marine alcohol stoves.  Not a bunch of "green" hoopla.  Can ya get it along the trail? Doubtful, but that's why I suggested I didn't think the yellow Heet was anything like real denatured alcohol.  Yes it works pretty good, but not as good as the real thing.  Bottom line...  None of this stuff would go good in an after hike cocktail.  But, and I have not tried this yet, a friend of mine carries Bacardi 151, and I know that's flammable, but would it work in a cat can or?  Could serve as cocktail additive and back up noodle fuel?  Do we try it?  Bunch of drunks along the trail out of fuel???    

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