[pct-l] Insomnia

Kathi pctlist at pctwalker.com
Fri Jan 23 13:24:37 CST 2015

I have the same problem as River, but I fixed the problem by drinking an 
EmergenC about 4 hours before I'm going to sleep. If you drink it too 
close to bed you will be up all night "visiting" the trees if you know 
what I mean. There is a lot of vitamin C in it, but there are also 
several other electrolytes that for me seem to be the perfect blend.

On 1/23/15 10:42 AM, River Malcolm wrote:
> Hi leslie,
> Often I find I have little leg jerks or muscle twitches that keep me awake. I discovered that 2 Endurolytes
> (which I use during the day when walking for electrolytes and really like because they are lightweight and easy,
> but alas expensive) just before bed makes for relaxed and sound sleep.
> River
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>> Anyone deal with insomnia on the trail?
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