[pct-l] FYI - Hiker Heaven closing

James Vesely JVesely at sstinternational.com
Tue Jan 27 09:36:56 CST 2015

Lol ("lots of laughs" for all you curmudgeons) , I guess you really can't complain too much about beer caches it would be like a bear walking up to a backpack without a bear vault  and not indulging.  

But in my day..........................................and that's the way we liked it!


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 Don't get me wrong. I'm all in favor of beer caches.

Grumpy Gary

On 01/27/15, James Vesely wrote:

I would tend to agree. I am imagining the JMT or other scenic hike with all this mumbo jumbo and it would not be pretty. 

But then again??? This might lighten up ever ones mood and its right down Curmudgen's alley ha ha. 


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