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Jeffrey Olson philos56 at live.com
Thu Jan 29 11:25:00 CST 2015

My feet were 12EE when I started doing long section hikes.  Now the SL-2 
last New Balance running shoes I wear are 14EEEE.  There are times when 
I wonder if I shouldn't get a pair of 14EEEEEE.  I never see those on 
sale though.


Also, insoles are fairly important - get insoles from superfeet or ed 
viesturs (or?).  They add a bit of volume you need to account for.

I've also found that I really like the feeling of my forefoot being 
really loose in the shoe, and the laces being tighter over the arch.  I 
tie a double knot just below the high point of the arch so that the 
laces are really loose over the forefoot and I can adjust the tension 
over the arch.  Tighter for going downhill, looser for flats and uphill...

I've also found that when I get a new pair of hiking shoes it really 
helps to run a piece of high quality duct tape from the sole, up the 
inside back of the shoe and over the top and down.  the tape starts 
underneath the insole.  This really cuts down on heel blisters. Blisters 
are caused by a combination of heat, moisture and friction.  The duct 
tape gets rid of the friction.     It doesn't work as well if the shoe 
is dirty, but it still works.  tight socks are important too.


On 1/29/2015 9:02 AM, Dan Welch wrote:
> "...it is highly suggested that I should purchase and wear shoes that are a
> size too large. I can see how this totally makes sense as my feet are going
> to swell, but are they really going to swell THAT much?? I have super narrow
> feet, so I am wondering if I really need to do this. It also makes me
> nervous to wear shoes too big because isn't ill fitting footwear a cause of
> blisters?..."
> I didn't run into a single person last year on the PCT that complained
> because their shoes were too large.  I ran into several who were in various
> shades of pain because their shoes were too small.  Just my experience...
> Timberline
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