[pct-l] Trail book recommendations?

Kat Franchino katfranchino at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 21:36:05 CST 2015

Hi all -
My boyfriend and I are hoping to hike part of the PCT (mid-California through Washington is the goal) this summer. This is our first extended hike and we're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the fantastic information out there! 
We've been going back and forth over guide resources. A lot of people recommend Yogi with Halfmile's maps, but we've started seeing in a few places that recommend Ancient Brit's "The Pacific Crest Trail-from Mexico to Canada on Foot" for less experienced hikers. (Although it does appear that the last time this book was updated was in 2010.) 
We're curious if anyone has trail guide recommendations for two people who have some experience hiking, but no experience thru-trail hiking.
Thank you so much!

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