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Because they are proud of who they are and don't mind acknowledging
That brings up the question...why don't "Fly Boys" do the same?
The other reason is because most Marine "Grunts" (Infantry) suffer
some sort of hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to excessive
noise and speaking slow and louder helps mitigate that problem.
In my case, I lost 97% of my high frequency...to many "Bazooka"
I was a "Bazooka Gunner" in Vietnam.

Some folks say it must have damaged more than just the ears...it
must have done some damage in-between the ears.
They say that would explain my strange behavior and abnormal
addiction to the JMT.
They say why would a 74 year old guy, that should be lawn bowling
or tinkering with his wheelchair, spend countless days wandering
around in the wilderness?....It's not normal...there has to be
something wrong between the ears.

I understand you "Fly Boys" have a similar problem caused by
cockpit decompression resulting in oxygen deprivation of the
brain which, in turn, causes damage to the brain.

In your case, that would explain your abnormal obsession with
camping in your backyard, packing & unpacking & repacking your
pack and robing & plundering innocent hikers.
You think that is normal behavior, but we know better...it's
"brain damage".

I sympathize with poor, long suffering, Mrs. Switchback who has
to put up with you.

JMT Reinhold
Your sympathetic trail companion

Switchback wrote:
Say, why do Marines have all those stickers on their vehicle bumpers
and windows?
Answer:...so you know to talk slow.
Yes Switchback,
There were many times when I wished that the USMC would fight wars
like the USAF.
The only private rooms we ever had were "fox holes" and you can't
sleep in them very well...they were barely big enough to sit in
and during the Monsoon Season, when it rained day and night, they
would fill up with water and then, when the "Mortars & Artillery"
would rain down, we had to jump in those water logged "fox holes".
The "per diem rate, however, was great...no charge, compliments of
the USMC.

I guess in the USAF you guys had heating elements in the fox holes
to keep the water nice and hot, like a jacuzzi.
Yes, the USAF has a much better way to fight wars than the USMC.

As far as hiking in "skivvies" is concerned, this could be of
great interest to our "UL" crowd.
Skivvies weigh next to nothing, come off in a flash and have no
buttons or zippers to come off or break down.
The guys could wear the "Macho" USMC forest green model and the
girls could wear the Pink model to look more girly and stylish.

Nothing, however, looks as stylish as you when you come strutting
down the trail with your hand free umbrella and reflector tape,
wearing "black lingerie" & "fuzzy pink camp slippers".

Yes, Switchback, you are a real eye "catcher".
Even the bears don't mess with you..they have never seen anything
like you and don't know what to do with you.

BTW, talking about "eye catchers",...I was a real "eye catcher"
when I first hiked Whitney in 1968, in shorts.
I was wearing a USMC pack, a military cartridge belt and water
canteens and "combat boots".
The women couldn't seem to keep their eyes of me.
Nothing turns women on like "hairy legs" in combat boots.

BTW...you ain't really "HARDCORE" until you climbed Whitney in
combat boots.

JMT Reinhold
Your hairy legged trail companion in combat boots.
Switchback wrote:
When I was flying for the USAF we did not go to war unless we had
a private room and the per diem rate was satisfactory.
By the way, I do not need to see a bunch of PCT hikers out there
running around in their skivvies.

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