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James Vesely JVesely at sstinternational.com
Mon Jun 8 12:24:34 CDT 2015

Looks like a standard $7 dry bag and if you are carrying one, a bear can makes for a great way to wash cloths.   As a matter of fact the bear can be utilized to take a shower.    Fill half way then add a few cups of hot water to raise the temperature a little then use your cup to pour over your body.    Do all this, of course, 100 feet from streams or lakes. 

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Gram weenies won't do it, but I'm pretty excited about using this product as one of my gear organizing bags. It doubles as a "washing machine." http://thescrubba.com/products/scrubba-wash-bag I have sensitive skin and need certain items to be really clean...

> On Jun 7, 2015, at 8:10 PM, Martine, Leah Katherine <lkmartine at bsu.edu> wrote:
> How do you guys clean your clothes besides in town? I'm planning on 
> using baby wipes to clean my body but I wasn't sure about how people 
> clean their clothes if at all 
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