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Gail Van Velzer vanvelzer at charter.net
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I'm familiar with opSack and even have some, but how are they really 
different from a Food Saver Bag?  The Food Saver is supposed to be odor 
proof and does make a vacuum seal.  It's not reusable, which is the 
downside, but you can boil in them.  Any comments?

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>I have hiked the length of Oregon. Have never encountered a bear in camp. 
>Seen bear scurry away from the trail though. You don’t need a bear canister 
>in Oregon, bears are shy (still). Do hang your food in a tree, it is safer 
>and won’t invite a rogue bear into your tent.
> Do you know about OPSAK, odor barrier plastic bags for your food? I use 
> these nowadays to discourage bear visits.
> Enjoy your hike,
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