[pct-l] Hip Belt Recommendation

Dan C. aka Thumper dofdear at cox.net
Wed Mar 11 20:12:41 CDT 2015

Really enjoy my Granite Gear Meridian Vapor Backpack - 52L backpack except for the lack of one feature, hip belt pockets. For me it is a great fit, comfortable even with a bear can.  I've tried several different arrangements to mitigate the lack of hip belt pockets including a slip on set of pockets, the GG accessory pockets and a fanny pack worn up front.  The fanny pack works best from a functional stand point  but none was really satisfactory.

The other day I was in REI and spied a hip belt off of REI's Crestrail pack. The belt fit into the GG pack although snugly.    

Out of the box the GG pack is 46 oz. / 1304 grams.  Swapping out the belts increases the pack weight by 5.25 oz / 150 grams for a total pack weight of 51.25 oz / 1453 grams.  Is this a good trade off?  Or should I be looking for a different pack?   Can any one suggest another hip belt that would fit and have pockets for less weight?


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