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walt Durling durlfam4 at icloud.com
Thu Mar 12 18:46:31 CDT 2015

Hi Nate.  A huge Iphone, eh? Ha!  I also checked the Apple app store and PCTHYOHi isn't there.  Interestingly, it is still listed on the Android app site!  Why this is perhaps someone will know and respond. 

 You'll find the Halfmile app an excellent investment.  Among its many features is directions to get back on the trail should you wander off it ( on purpose or otherwise), the distance, as well as the compass bearing. I think Halfmile should charge for this app, it's that good.

Last year I also used Guthook's PCT apps.  They cost a bit but worth it by far.  While they won't give directions to get back on trail (you already have Halfmile app for that), it, too, shows your position on the trail and provides an elevation display, which Halfmile doesn't.  They complement each other.

I don't mean to start an argument, but if I were to hike the PCT again, and I will in the future, I wouldn't purchase paper maps.  I carried them but never used them for the 3 sections I hiked.  I bought Yogi's PCT guidebook and it 's worth it's weight by far!  I didn't carry the whole thing, but cut out whatever info I felt I needed.  Worse case scenario (unlikely)  if your phone dies  and you've no idea where you are (also highly unlikely), ask the next hiker you come across.  walt

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> On Mar 12, 2015, at 17:31, Nathan Dreon <ndreon at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I told my daughter I was interested in hiking parts of the PCT and to help find my way when I inevitably get lost I have a compass and paper maps.  She was concerned that these tools might fail me at a critical moment so she gave me an enormous iPhone as a backup.  She also wants a phone call or two from any towns I might wander into.
> I know nothing of smart phones or apps so she installed Halfmile's app and copied all of the halfmile pfd maps into the phone, this used up approximately .5% of the phone's memory.
> To use a little more of that memory I was hoping to install the PCTHYOH app and then figure out what else I might put on it.
> A little searching brought me to Rambling Hemlock's blog and links to apps on this page:
> http://ramblinghemlock.blogspot.com/2014/08/apps-for-long-distance-backpacking.html
> Here I found a link to PCTHYOH:
> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pcthyoh/id461413265?mt=8
> The error I get is:Item Not available
> I tried searching for for PCTHYOH in iTunes and found nothing.  I can find Halfmile's pct app, I can also find eTrails so I think I am searching correctly.
> Can someone tell me if I should do something different to get PCTHYOH or if I should stop trying?
> Thanks,
> Nathan
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