[pct-l] PCTHYOY ?

enyapjr at comcast.net enyapjr at comcast.net
Thu Mar 12 20:25:58 CDT 2015

Regarding the "PCTHYOH" app for Apple devices - per Halfmile, the Apple developer account must be renewed
every year (the last PCTHYOH app update was in March, 2014 & Ruffwork passed away in April, 2014)...

I have tried contacting all PCTHYOH app email addresses and RuffworkLLC emails and have received no replies.
Waiting for a reply from his software business partner to see if he knows of any other possible contact...
I was hoping that possible contact would allow someone from the PCT community to keep the app updated (and
the developer account renewed, evidently) pro bono since Ruffwork offered it as a free app for the PCT community.
I have had some PCTers volunteer to do so, but..........  Unfortunately, PCTHYOH might pass on with Ruffwork.  :-(

For those that already have the iOS PCTHYOH app, mine is still functioning fine so far - but who knows for how
long that will last with Apple's periodical iOS updates & changes - I can imagine it will eventually crash or cease to
function properly some day.

As for Google/Android, all I know is that the app was last updated in April, 2014 - I do not know if the Android
developer account must be renewed yearly or not...

Jim (PITA)

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