[pct-l] PCT rides offered & help wanted in the Big Bear Area

Rick nobohiker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 23:10:06 CDT 2015

Hello PCT-L,

if you are not interested in selected rides to and from the PCT stop 
reading and sorry for the spam. Also do let me know if there is a better 
place to post ride offers.

1) Friday March 27:
     I'll drive from the LA Airport (LAX) to Big Bear, Mile 250isch

2) Sunday March 29:
     Big Bear back to LAX

HELP, I am trying to figure out how to best get from Mile 324 
(Silverwood Lake) or Mile 298 (Lake Arrowhead) back to Big Bear and I 
don't want to rely on just hitching a ride, if anyone has a creative 
suggestion, I'd love to know, no public transportation in that area.

3) Bay Area to either Kennedy Meadows or Horseshoe Meadows and back in 
mid/late April for ~4 days

4) Several weekend trips from the Bay Area to the Range of Light in 

Please ping me off-group & happy trails,

Section Hiker Rick

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