[pct-l] Section hiker ride from Cajon Pass

Timothy DenHerder-Thomas timothydht at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 12:15:59 CDT 2015

Hi PCT community,

I'm hiking sections A-C from the Mexican border to Cajon Pass with a friend
in April. My leads on finding a friend to pick us up at Cajon Pass have
fallen through.

I'm wondering if anyone is (or knows anyone who is) in the Cajon Pass/ San
Bernandino area willing to give a ride from Cajon Pass (McDonalds, Best
Western, etc.), even just to the San Bernandino Metrolink station (we're
ultimately headed to LA airport, but we can get there from the train
station) sometime morning/ around noon on Sunday 4/26. We'd be happy to pay
for gas and time.

We'd also be willing to try hitching if someone has tips on where in that
area to try (Interstate 15 itself is not promising).

Feel free to email directly timothydht[at]gmail.com or call if you have a


(Timothy DenHerder-Thomas)
(612) 250-1621

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