[pct-l] Hikers & Runners

andyj92 at aol.com andyj92 at aol.com
Mon Mar 16 12:31:18 CDT 2015

Seems to me that runners can follow the same rules as when hikers come upon horses.
Horses kick and buck when startled.
Be patient,
Fall in line.
Walk behind until wide spot, then walk past.
Speak quietly, softly and no shouting.
We know you're back there and will move over when it's safe for us.

Runners can be given some simple and sound rules of etiquette when they sign up.
Race directors can remind runners that unlike runners hikers never get a T-shirt or Buckle.
If everyone must obey the same Rules-of-Trail then nobody has a time/speed advantage.

Runners should also appreciate that most hikers will stop and render first aid and/or contact help should the runner get hypothermia, dehydrated, fall, break a leg, blowout an ankle or shred some skin along a gravel patch.  Things happen in the woods and away from parking lot/trail head.  You never know when you'll need help.

If the momentary inconvenience is TOO much go back to asphalt and concrete.
Try getting cars, motorcycles and bicycles to move over, give way, stop and let your precious skinny self pass.

Bicycles on trails are worse... sadly, Newton's Laws of Motion apply and accidents happen.
Yes, they are out there. No they shouldn't be. 

Everyone needs to be polite, walk/run softly. 

Treat others as you would wish to be treated.


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