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Another advantage for using poles is that when you go uphill, you can use
your arms to propel yourself forward  if you hold and use the poles like a
cross country skier.  In other words, keep them angled backwards and don't
swing them--just claw your way up the mountain with them.

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On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 10:27 AM, David Money Harris <David_Harris at hmc.edu>

> I didn’t care for trekking poles in my 20s but started using them in my
> 30s and love them in my 40s.  They are also part of my tent support and now
> are necessary.  I see very few thru-hikers without poles, and few who don’t
> use their poles to support their tent because this saves at least half a
> pound.
>  After trying the most expensive poles at REI and returning them as
> unsatisfactory, I settled on the REI Carbon Power Lock Women’s Trekking
> Poles.  They were the lightest poles REI sells, and were just long enough
> for me (5’10”) and my tent. At $129, they are also one of the cheapest
> options, especially for carbon fiber.  The power lock lever has been more
> reliable for me than the twist locks that some other brands use.  For some
> reason, the women’s model is blue!
> David
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> > Im sure this has been asked a few times but I am debating to buy
> trekking poles or not (at this moment I am leaning toward buying them).
> Just wondering what everyones thoughts are on the best trekking poles that
> wont clean out my wallet. Thank you!
> >
> > -Jim
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