[pct-l] Thru- Hike PCT Permits Being Checked

Eddie Gilbert egilbert at mac.com
Tue Mar 17 03:15:40 CDT 2015

On day two of my NOBO thru-hike, I was greeted by a Forest Service "PCT Chaser" staff at mile 32.6 (Fred Canyon Rd).  A past PCT NOBO hiker himself, the gentleman explained he was hired recently to patrol the first 100 miles of the PCT. He was very professionally and said he's was taking a head count and emphasizing the Leave No Trace principal.  He did check my permit and two other hikers right after me, apparently we were his first customers of the season.  He mentioned he was not acting in a law enforcement capacity.  I found the encounter pleasurable and we all four chatted about the 1600+ thru-hikers registered so far. 

The day before I left, there were 11 others registered to leave on March 15.   The only other hikers I've encountered started a day or two earlier.    Makes you wonder if folks are really leaving when they submit for their permit.

Eddie Gilbert

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