[pct-l] Marmot Sleeping Bag for sale

Weathercarrot - weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 19 22:50:05 CDT 2015

Hi -
I'd like to sell my Marmot Plasma 15 sleeping bag. You can find more stats for this model below, but as far as the basics, it's 875+ Fill Down, Long, left zipper, and a bit more than a PCT thru-hike of use. It's rated to 15 degrees, but realistically I'd say it's closer to 20-25F.  Officially listed weight is 1 pound 15.96 ounces, but I just weighed it at 2 pounds 2 ounces in the stuff sack.  The inside of the footbox is a bit worn, but otherwise the rest of the bag looks excellent, with fully functional zipper and other adjustments.
I'm asking $200 (via PayPal), which includes original stuff sack, storage sack, and shipping.
Photos of this particular bag here:
more info/stats here:

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