[pct-l] River crossings

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Sun Mar 22 10:33:58 CDT 2015

Like the others said, it really depends on environmental factors and when you get to the crossings.  A couple I know of are the Southfork Kings between Pinchot and Mathers Pass, Then as mentioned, Evolution Creek, and Bear Creek.  However, with very little snow in the Sierra this year they shouldn't be too bad.  Evolution is usually forded prior to reaching( if north bound) the stock crossing of the main trail.  Up stream where the creek is slower thru the meadow.  Bear creek can be pretty intense, but have heard of folks finding better crossing by looking up and down stream.  The bottom at the trail ford is usually pretty consistent with small rocks.  My guess is it will be about knee deep, not too bad, just cold.  But unless we get a whole bunch of snow in the next couple months I wouldn't worry about crossings too much.  I have had a big thunderstorm send me looking around for better crossings  couple times in the Sierra, but that is rare, and took a lot of rain.  With snowmelt filled creeks, they tend to subside some overnight as the temps drop vs mid to late day when temps can be much warmer.  During a big snow year this can really be a serious issue, but probably barely noticeable this season.  
There's a couple more interesting crossings farther north; Silver Creek perhaps, and Return Creek north of Tuolumne IIRC, but I have never had any issues in that area hiking there later in the season.  

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