[pct-l] Hiking alone

Peggy Rice msrice27 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 14:42:52 CDT 2015

One thing that helped with my family was a quote from someone on the list
several years ago.  I am sorry that I don't remember it in the complete,
much more elegant form, but basically, it was "Being able to hike the trail
is a measure of all of the good things that have come to you in life.  You
have the health, time, and desire to hike.  For that to occur, many good
things must have happened".

I explained to my family that all of the good things that they had given me
(support, love) enabled me to hike the trail.

My dad also made me carry a search and rescue beacon, and that seemed to
help too.  And it's hard to explain to family, but you won't need to worry
about people on the trail at all.  They will be some of the most amazing
people you will ever meet.


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