[pct-l] Transportation between Donner and Chester (Herb Stroh)

Meridith Rosendahl meridith.rosendahl at gmail.com
Tue May 5 12:27:32 CDT 2015

>From the Reno airport take the Sage Stage north to Susanville.  Monday,
Wednesday and Friday only.  http://sagestage.com/routes/reno/

The Sage Stage drops you off at the Walmart in Susanville.  From there,
take Lassen Rural Bus to Chester.  Check the West County routes at

I can take you to the trail from Chester, or you can get the Susanville
Rancheria bus from the Chester Holiday Market to the trailhead which
departs daily, except Sunday, at 8:50 a.m.  The Rancheria bus used to be
free, but now they charge a nominal fee.

There is an unpaved parking area at the trailhead on highway 36.  Email me
privately if you need more info for long term parking.

> Piper's Mom

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> I am trying to figure out logistics for a section hike from Donner Summit
> to Hwy 36 (Chester). I can go either NB or SB. I know Donner Summit has
> long-term parking available, but is there parking available at Hwy 36?
> Also, I see bus transportation along 395 south of Reno, but is there a line
> going north?
> Thanks!
> Herb

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