[pct-l] Rejoining PCT at Interstate 15 or Wrightwood

Dan Welch welchenergy at gmail.com
Thu May 7 13:55:54 CDT 2015

I fly to LA often.  Check into the Ontario airport.  It is a major airport
much closer to where you are going.  As a bonus, Southwest flies in there,
so the prices are low - whether you fly on Southwest or not.  The others
have to keep prices low to stay competitive...


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> I am looking to rejoin the PCT at either Interstate 15/Route 138 at Cajon
Pass (Mile 342) or Wrightwood (Mile 363 or 369).  
> I will  be traveling from the East Coast/Washington DC area.  I am 
> currently looking at flying into San Diego, or Los Angeles (or if you 
> have any other ideas, I am open to suggestions) and then picking up an 
> Enterprise rent-a-car, driving to Victorville, dropping the car off at the
Enterprise office in Victorville and taking the Victor Valley Transit
Authority Bus Number 21 to Phelan and then the Number 20 bus from Phelan to
Wrightwood.  Is there any easier way to get to Wrightwood?

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